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Freezing Ambulance Service Basaboo is available of Bangladesh. We Provide the latest Model freezer Van, freezer Box in all Dhaka city. We also  Provide Ac Ambulance Service, Non-Ac Ambulance service, and Life Support ICU, CCU, NICU & PICU Ambulance Service. 24/7 Hours Ambulance Service is Available. Hi-Quality Service Granted.

Basaboo Ambulance service

Freezing Ambulance service Basaboo

A freezing ambulance is a kind of vehicle that is made to carry a dead body. It has a freezing compartment inside the vehicle that is perfect to contain a dead body and the ice compartment protects the dead body from decay.
No matter how long the distance would have passed the body, the ambulance properly managed the body with its under 7-degree temperature. Even there is no chance of bad odor or internal infections when the body is inside the ambulance.
If you require to transport the dead body from one side to another, you can find a freezing ambulance service to do the job perfectly. If you need freezing ambulance service then contact us. 24 Hours Ambulance service is available.


Why Freezing Ambulance service?

A freezer ambulance is a dead body carrier ambulance. It has freezing box in it. The freezer ambulance can intact the dead body several hours and days. People who wants to keep their relatives dead body intact or free from germs or viruses for several hours or several days. They can rent a freezing ambulance from us. Some time the dead body comes from abroad or they need to stay more time before buried, in that case you need to this ambulance service.

Details of Freezing Ambulance service

freezing ambulance direct import from japan.
High quality steel stretchers keeping the body.
There are lighting facilities inside to see the body.
There are Glass’s Window to see the dead body.
It has freezer box in it.
General temperature is – 7, -20

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