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Ambulance service Norshingdi & Dhaka. We Provide Ac Ambulances, Non-Ac Ambulances, and ICU Ambulances available in all districts of Bangladesh. 24 Hours Ambulance service is available

Norshingdi Ambulance Service

24 Hours Ambulance Service in Norshingdi

24 Hours Ambulance Service is available in Norshingdi. We provide different types of ambulance services in Dhaka all over Bangladesh. We provide any kind of EMERGENCY/URGENT ambulance service to people with severe illness or pregnancy. Ambulance Service will securely transport the patients to any hospital, anywhere in Bangladesh within your budget. You can always rely on us for the quickest response. You can reach us from anywhere in Bangladesh. Besides, we also provide ambulance from one district to another. Visit to know more about us.

If you need any ambulance service then you just make a call, and we will run to you. A call is enough for us in Critical moments.


Emergency Ambulance service

Emergency Ambulance Services providers are available in Norshingdi Sardar. We Provide Emergency ambulance service in a few minutes. so If you need any ambulance service then contact us. 24 Hours ambulance service available. If you need emergency ambulance service then Call us. Only a call is enough for us.

Ambulance Service Rental List

Dhaka – Norshiangdi, and Norshing –  Dhaka Ambulance Service Rental List here. 

Dhaka – Norshing Ambulance charge = 4500 Tk

Monohardi Ambulance service charge = 4500 Tk

Belabo Ambulance service charge = 4500 Tk.

Palash Ambulance service charge = 3500 Tk. 

Raipura Ambulance service charge = 5000 Tk. 

Shibpur Ambulance service charge = 5000 Tk.

Best Ambulance service

24 Hours Ambulance service is available in all districts of Bangladesh. Hi-Quality Ambulance is available at Cheap cost. Enjoy 10% Discount!